First Art

Mansfield, England | April 2015

First Art is funded by Arts Council England through its innovative Creative People and Places initiative.

Flâneur Activities

May 09 2015

Photowalk and workshop with David Sern

On May 9th  2015, join acclaimed, local photographer David Severn for a FREE Photo Walk and Photography Workshop Session in Mansfield Town Centre.

The morning  included a guided tour of the First Art Portrait Exhibition, where David talked personally about the work he created for the Mansfield light-boxes. 

Starting at 11am- 1pm at the First Art Pop-Up Shop, 25 Mansfield Market Place.


- Introduction to First Art and David Severn

- Photo Walk around the Portrait exhibition, discussion about the project. Find out the stories behind individual images and experiences whilst making the work.

- Question and Answer session with David.

- Photography workshop based on the idea of "flaneur" (the idea behind the Procurarte light-boxes), which has a long associat


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Photowalk and workshop with David Sern

From April 25 2015 to May 13 2015

The exhibitions of Kajal Nisha Patel and David Severn

Portrait: People and Places of the First Art Area the first major commission of First Art, an innovative light-box exhibition system brought over by Flâneur - New Urban Narratives. It was installed in Mansfield Market Place between 25th April and 13th May 2015 and featured the work of rising stars of the UK photography world Kajal Nisha Patel and Mansfield born David Severn.

Kajal and David were asked to travel the First Art area and create an intimate picture of the local characters and landscape. They delivered a series of raw, emotional and valuable images which have been seen by hundreds (if not thousands) over the three week exhib


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The exhibitions of Kajal Nisha Patel and David Severn


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Who we are

First Art is a collective of four cultural and community organisations working within the former coalfields of NE Derbyshire and NE Nottinghamshire. Beginning in January 2015, we aim to bring inspiring cultural experiences within reach of everyone in Ashfield, Bolsover, Mansfield and NE Derbyshire over the next two years.

We want to do this because people who live here are less involved in the arts than people living in most other parts of the country – in some areas there is no engagement at all! Evidence shows that communities with culture, creativity and imagination are stronger and more resilient than those without, and we want people in these areas to benefit from this valuable relationship between a thriving community and the arts.

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