Aguas da Prata, Brazil | July 2015

Flâneur Activities

From July 10 2015 to August 30 2015

Exhibition of Virgilio Ferreira

FESTimagem 2015 received one of the international artists Flâneur project - New Urban Narratives - the Portuguese Virgilio Ferreira, who exposed curated by Antonio Carlos Lorette , the same exposed photographic essay of the Triennial Hamburg, Germany. Through FESTImagem - International Image Festival - the host city of the festival, Silver Waters (SP ) , takes part in a major international project of occupation of public spaces developed by the Portuguese institution Procur.arte .


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Exhibition of Virgilio Ferreira

Águas da Prata

The name of the town “Aguas da Prata” located in São Paulo State was due to the discovery of several water springs in the area back in 1876 by Rufino Luiz de Castro. In 1916, chemical analysis of water sources proved their alkaline properties, similar to the sources of Vichy in France, making Aguas da Prata known as 'Brazilian Vichy'. Aguas da Prata is also part of a religious tourism route. The city is the starting point of the trail, a pilgrimage of almost 500 km through 24 cities in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, which ends in Aparecida - the largest religious center in Brazil. The route is signposted and runs through villages, forests, trails and roads. Every July, when the days are cool and dry, GLOC organizes FESTimagem - International Image Festival, which occupies galleries, public areas and private exhibition venues located in Aguas da Prata and the surrounding towns. With art works made by regional, national and international relevance artists, the festival promotes the enjoyment of art and the integration between artists and community.

Who we are

GLOC - Instituto Global de Cultura is a center for dissemination of knowledge and skill training in the areas of cinema, photography and other visual arts having in the same space exhibition galleries, shop, café and living areas. In line with the concept of the leading international centers of dissemination of visual arts, GLOC is permanently open to experimentation, analysis, understanding and creation of contemporary art making. Providing the production and enjoyment of art as well as the integration between artists and the community, GLOC - Instituto Global de Cultura considers part of its mission to encourage the development of a regional culture center to promote exchanges with national and international artistic production centers and values the importance of art in shaping the individual. This way GLOC promotes: • courses, lectures, workshops and seminars • soirees and other cultural events • Shows, exhibitions and sales of works of local, national and international artists • Partnerships with government and private sector • Partnerships with federal, state and municipal agencies as well as universities, centers and institutes of education and cultural organizations • Exchange with associations in Brazil and abroad, in order to promote and disseminate cultural events and educational opportunities • Marketing of products, works and services related to the purposes of GLOC.


To promote both the awakening of sensibility, technical refinement and appreciation of the artist, while providing the public aesthetic enjoyment, expansion of cultural repertoire and new educational and professional possibilities.


As a permanently open center for experimentation, analysis, understanding and creation of contemporary art making, especially visual arts, aims to become a reference center in the appreciation of artists from the region and opening exchanging possibilities with other Brazilian and international artists.


Believing that art is able to broaden views and horizons, GLOC - Instituto Global de Cultura is based on the tripod - artistic production, education and social responsibility, taking on the role of disseminating knowledge and training skills at the same time while encouraging developments in the environment through partnerships with the government and the private sector.


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